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Meet Nate

Nate Kelly, born and raised in Toronto & now living on the West Coast for over 10 years has been a passionate entrepreneur since a young age. Starting his first business at age 13 & then moving onto to starting a property service company at age 21.  He’s always been a risk taker and edgy disruptor who thrives off going against the grain and being self made. He’s a no bull shit, demanding man that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Alot of this stems from the sports he enjoys like snowboarding, surfing, dirt biking and mountain biking.

Nate is a serial entrepreneur recognized for his passion, vision and customer first based approach. Nate is known to apply great branding, operational excellence and a strong customer focus to traditional business. Nate is now helping other like entrepreneurs create a loyal fan base by implementing some key systems that focus directly on the customer success.

2018 young entrepreneur of the year

2X best house maintenance company

Meet Nate

What We Do:

We provide 3 customer experience and journey mapping packages that help you get the right frame work in place to drive your business loyalty and revenue.

Customer Journey Mapping

Identify Pain Points

Customer Experience Audits

NPS ( net promoter score) Tracking

Customer Incentive Systems

Analytic Infrastructure


1.5 hour Jam Session


  • Open conversation that introduces customer journey mapping and how it will benefit your business.
  • Sample journey map template explained and that you can take away
  • A few key takeaways that will improve your overall customer experience.

1 Day Kick Off


  • We meet with core team
  • We discuss your current customer journey
  • We discuss pain points
  • We explore possible steps to improve your customer experience
  • We identify opportunities and long term ideas
  • We get started on mapping out a customer journey
  • We discuss software & systems that can be implemented right away to begin tracking/improving customer success
  • Action steps identified for future implementation

Accelerator Program (4-6 weeks)


  • We meet with core team
  • We review your current journey map & customer experience
  • We analyze & rate all of your main touchpoints
  • We do additional research & look into customer feedback
  • We speak with customer fronting staff
  • We present findings of pain points and opportunities to your core team
  • Structured map out session resulting in new and improved journey maps
  • We map out referral incentives
  • You & your team walk away with a prioritized list of touchpoints to improve
  • We implement a tracking system to monitor and improve customer success and loyalty and ultimately drive more revenue with raving fans.

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What is a Customer Journey Map: 

It’s a visual representation of the entire process that your customer goes through. It maps out the entirety of the current sales funnel from awareness to acquisition & loyalty. It covers every phase from the moment they become aware of your brand to the moment their experiencing your product or service.

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The Reasons Why You Need Journey Maps:

  • So that you can streamline the entire sales process. 
  • So that your visitors are happy and comfortable in every step of the journey with your brand
  • So that your customers feel important & appreciated
  • These maps will help you understand where you excel and where you have pain points
  • It the most powerful way of creating long term relationships with your customers
  • You can track every interaction touchpoint with your customer so you can understand their behaviour & increase loyalty

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